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Quiet: The Power of Introvert's in a World That Can't Stop Talking

There's an old saying that "less is more" and in the world of the introverted it is really the truth.

As Susan Cain shows in her work most of the creative work of the world is conceived and completed by introverts. Could the painters Reubens or Homer have created their masterworks? Works that have influenced generations if they were not inclined to want to remain out of the way of others.

How about a patent office clerk in Bavaria? Could a gentleman with the humble name Einstein have postulated that there were certain universal truths about time and space and the speed of light, if he had been forced from the back room of the patent office where he did his major early work?

The funny thing is that though he was a man with many titles and degrees by the end of his life, Einstein could barely balance his checkbook. Maybe that gave him the freedom to look at the "laws of nature" from a different angle. You never know what you'll find when someone moves away from you or takes his work to another table so that he or she can be alone.

Cain, who has done meticulous research into the topic of introverted people, has found that introverts have done some of mankind's greatest work and thinking. Here's an example that, though it doesn't come from Cain's life, does, in fact from the life of Guglielmo Marconi. (Marconi, for the record, was not an introvert; he funded his company at the age of 20 with millions of dollars, all based on an idea that no one could see.) Many of Marconi's engineers - the men who build the transmit and receiving stations in the UK on the islands off the UK and in North America, were quiet, unassuming men who, when they were not with their families, wanted to do nothing more than spend time with their transmitting and receiving equipment; improving it. Indeed, the fellows who improved Marconi's "adherer" - the little device that made the radio work - did so after spending hours and hours in the lab by themselves.

Cain argues passionately about the value of introversion and sees nothing wrong with it. Why, just the art of creating the well-written and documented work, shows that it does take introversion to get anything accomplished.

Interestingly, Cain also looks at the latest work in extroversion and notes that some of the funnier or more creative work done when a person was in an introverted phase is important and, perhaps, funnier, than if the person had been an extrovert. There appears to be a delicate balance between introversion and extroversion and Susan Cain's excellent work shows where the fault lines fall.


Christian Books & Book Stores for Women

Women are stronger than men, that is a well know fact. They better cope with the everyday stress, hardship and with life in general. Moreover women are the helping hand for men when they need help. What makes a woman so strong and it there times when she also needs help and support?

Of course any woman as any person heeds help, support and a little faith to carry on from time to time. Often she manages to find these in herself, in other times she seeks help from her family and close friends. Many women turn to the Christian books to seek support and advice during hardship.

Christian books for women can help in almost every aspect of their life. Not only they are suitable if you have some kind of trouble but if you are seeking help for someone else. Many think Christian books are religious women only are but this is not true. Even if you are not a deeply religious person, Christian books can still help as they offer advice and a fresh prospective to life.

For women having problems with their family and marriage there are plenty of Christian books in all of the Christian bookstores on this subject. It is hard to say which one is the best one as every woman sees things in a different ways. In any case if you are looking for this kind of book, search the internet and check out the Christian book stores book reviews. Many women have given their opinion about the books so you can easily choose the one you need.

If you feel lost and in a dead end street in your life, turn to e Christian purpose of life kind of books. Surely you will not find an exact answer of your questions and doubts there but you will find a lot of useful advice on how to carry on. Moreover the book will give you this extra faith you need to look from the bright side of things.

Christian books treat many subjects that you may not even imagined such as sex, stress and other issues that may harm your wellbeing. Again a lot of practical advice can be found there and the best thing of all that the information is given in a nice, calm and not offensive way. If you are stressed out and anxious the last thing you need is someone giving you orders or telling you hat to do. A Christian book with advice can help you overcome this rocky path and give you strength to carry on.


Kids Revolving Bookcase

The kids revolving bookcase is a unique concept that your children may find interesting. Revolving bookcases have always been featured in mystery novels and movies, as they provide a doorway to a secret passage that can only be opened by pulling on a certain book. You may find that you can give your children a sense of mystery by using one of these revolving bookcases, but they are not used in the same way as the massive bookcases used in the movies or books.

The kids revolving bookcase is usually a three or four sided bookcase or shelf, with only one side presented to the children at a time. When the kids want to get at a book on another shelf, they simply have to turn the bookcase which revolves on its stand. They just turn the shelf until they find what they want, and they can get the item without having to search through a shelf stretching across a wall. You will find that these kids revolving bookcases will be the perfect solution to help you keep your kids' room organized, as the bookcase ensures that your kids have more than enough space for all of their books.

The best thing about the revolving bookcases is that they tend to be fairly flexible, and your kids can store all of their books and magazines on the shelf. Some bookcases even come with special spaces to store toys on the bottom shelf, and thus your kids will be able to store all of their books and toys in a single shelf. This will free up a lot of space in the rest of the room, and will provide your kids with a great place to store all of their favorite books, CDs, toys, and other items that would otherwise be strewn around the room.

The revolving shelf is a great thing to use to help your kids be as organized as possible, and you will find that this type of bookcase is a great way to teach your kids about caring for their room. Seeing as there are a number of compartments in different parts of the revolving bookcase, your kids will have to place the right books and items in the right parts of the shelf. This can ensure that your children learn how to tidy up their room from an early age, and thus they will enter adulthood with that good habit ingrained in them.

You can usually find these kids revolving bookcase made out of wood, with sturdy wood like mahogany or oak being the most commonly used woods. However, you can also find plastic or metal cases, but you will need to be sure that they are sturdy before you purchase them. Seeing as the shelf will be filled with a lot of heavy books and magazines, you need to be certain that it will be able to bear the weight of the items and revolve easily without breaking due to the excess weight.


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